For the registration, follow these steps:

  1. Make payment first if you want to attach the "payment proof document" to your registration form. If not, you can send it after filling it by email to

  2. Fill out the registration form (attaching payment proof document if you did it before)

  3. Once the form is filled, click SEND!

  4. You will receive an automatic confirmation email.

  5. Once we check your registration, if we notice anything is wrong, we'll contact you. If everything is OK, you won't receive any other confirmation email. 


If you come with a group, you must include your given GROUP CODE on the registration form. Each person in the group must fill out his/her own registration form individually. The organizer of the group (a teacher, a trainer, a dance studio...) must send us a list with the names of the components of the group, so that we can keep a better control.


WARNING! Reservation will not be valid until we receive the deposit required to secure booking. 



In order to book your place, you only need to pay a fee (gray column of the rates table) making a deposit to the bank or making a cash payment at ON Dance Studios within the established time frames, so that we can apply the prices according to the established dates. The rest of the payment will be made in cash on the first day of the camp, when accreditations are picked up.

Those attendees who have any outstanding amount will not be given any accreditation.

Please note that accreditations are distributed at a counter that we will set up for the event in the hotel hall. Payments must be in cash. 

* The booking fee is used to book your place, so it's not refundable. This amount will be taken off from the total cost, so once you pay this, you would only have to pay the rest at your arrival at the Hotel.


** If you choose VIP (half board) or PREMIUM (full board) option, you would enjoy it all days from 15th to 21st. Last day (22nd) you only will have the breakfast.


Assistants will be received at the hotel hall by our Staff team, so that they can distribute accreditations and carry out the collection of payments that are still outstanding. 




The accreditation for the workshops will be a bracelet with a safety lock (once opened, it can not be closed again). As with championship accreditations, bracelets are personal and nontransferable and may not be used by any other person. If any non-conformity with this criteria is detected, it may result in the prohibition of entry to the campus. ​



All accommodation options include breakfast buffet. Half board and Full board are also buffet! Published rates are for double, triple or quadruple rooms. It must be specify in the registration the people you want to share the room with. For single use, the price will be increased (consult it with the organization). 



The organization allows the participation of under 18 to the event, attaching the authorization signed by parents or legal guardians. However, one should bear in mind that we are not a summer camp with monitors during 24 hours, but an event that combines dance workshops with other activities, and which facilitate accommodation to participants who want it. During free leisure time, every participant is responsible for him/herself. For this reason, it is highly recommended that children who want to attend, go accompanied by an adult, either your coach/teacher, or other mates who are of legal age. ​



  •   The assistant commit to take care of the facilities at which workshops and other activities are held, as well as of hotel rooms.

  •   You can enter classes with water or snacks so that you can stay healthy, but remember to be respectful and, please, pick up your trash, do not accumulate it during the day.

  •   You must arrive, at least, 10 minutes before each class to respect the schedule and avoid delays. Workshops will start at set times.

  •   The organization is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Assistants should be careful with their things and they should have them monitored everyday.

  •   The organization is not responsible for the acts of participants outside the workshops schedule. It is highly recommended that minors go accompanied by other mates who are of legal age.

  •   Evening activities are organized for fun. Attendance is not mandatory. For better organization, schedules must be respected by all those who decide to come. In the Night Pool Party, the sale of alcohol will be prohibited to under age users (-18). You must show your ID to waiters who request it.

  •   It is absolutely essential to have your bracelet during the whole event. The bracelet has a safety lock (once opened, it can not be closed again). Bracelets are personal and nontransferable and may not be used by any other person. IT CAN NOT BE MANIPULATED OR ALTERED. If any non-conformity with this criteria is detected, it may result in the prohibition of entry to the campus.


*Any breach of the rules could result in expulsion from the event.*